A long time ago, a child lived
while the world around her exploded.
One man had risen to power.
A man who hated.
A man who encouraged and convinced others to hate.

Soon the hatred spread.
The world of the child became a world of fear.
She and her family and others lived in an attic.
Then they were captured,
existed on cattle cars
that transported them to concentration camps
and died after unthinkable suffering.
Yet in the midst of the chaos and the suffering
in the midst of the senselessness and violence
that one child wrote in her journal
“Where there’s hope, there’s life.
It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”
The time in history was World War 11.

The child was Anne Frank.

The time in history is now.
The children are nameless.
What hope is there for them?
It does not lie in one man who may rise to power.
It lies in the people
who have voted.
It lies in the people who will vote.

Thirteen year old Anne Frank wrote
“where there’s hope, there’s life.”

This night, may Americans have hope.
This night, may the world have hope.
Tomorrow, may Americans vote.
And may Americans be filled “with fresh courage”

and remember that “where there’s hope, there’s life.”



Text © june maffin

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