“Whatever the future holds
… we’ll be each other’s strength.”

Words written by a very special man on our wedding day
and often repeated to one another throughout the years.
And true.

True … then
for the two of us.

True … now
for us all.

In this world of uncertainty.
we can be
… we must be
“each other’s strength.”

Before closing the blinds last night
the wondrous silver beam of light
shone brightly in the sky
and brought a reminder of those words
and a hope
that in spite of troubling news and times
there will be a tomorrow.

When clouds began to form
and the moon became hidden;
when its light diminished and seemed lost
as sometimes happens to us when clouds
of fear, isolation, loneliness, sadness, grief, self-doubt
begin to form and cover us
and it feels as if our light has gone out;
like the moon
we are still here
simply covered up
waiting for the time
when the cloud passes
and the light shines through
… hope.

The words written and spoken
by one man to one woman and back to him
can be the words written and spoken
by us all
… to one another.

Whatever the future holds
we’ll be each other’s strength.”
(Hans van der Werff)



Photo & Text © june maffin


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