What will happen in 2017? 

Babies will be born.

Couples will be married.

Sorrow will be present.

Joy will surround.

People will wonder
and ponder
and question
and celebrate. 

Children will play.

Animals will roam and feed.
Pets will love.
Plants will grow.

Minds will explore.

Busyness will occupy. 

Corruption will exist.
Loneliness will be present.

Laughter will erupt.

Some will work.

Some will seek work.

Some will rejoice.

Some will mourn.

Some will pray.
Some will curse.

Facebook messages will circulate.

Tweeters will tweet.

So will birds.
In other words
What will happen?

Life, we pray, will continue.
Let us be of good courage.
And hold fast to that which is good.
whatwillhappenin2017-1© Text: june maffin

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