I love learning
no, scratch that
I’m passionate about learning!

I try to learn something new every day
Some days
the learning is huge
other days it’s subtle

Some days
the learning is about me
what I believe
who I am
things I need to work on.

Some days
the learning is about others
how hurtful, unloving, unkind, mean-spirited
how generous, gracious, thoughtful
people can be.

Some days
the learning involves
a new approach to technology or art or gardening
writing or music or a new chess move
or history or literature or religion or politics
and some days
it’s a combination.

Each night before I go to bed
I ask myself “what have you learned today?”

Recently a difficult moment
and at the same time
grace-filled helped highlight
a lesson

The lesson  of forgiveness was learned

Just when I think I’ve learned this lesson
another situation/person/event reminds me
that forgiveness happens over and over
and over and over

Forgiveness of others
forgiveness of God/Higher Power/Holy One
forgiveness of self
is not an easy lesson
but it is an important lesson
integral to spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Yes, I love learning
not always
but most of the time.    🙂

Photo & Text © june maffin
Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul

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