Weeping God,
how you must ache for your people
who face uncertain futures.

How you must ache for those
who enter into conversations and political debate
with open hearts and minds
only to find threats, harassment, fear
governing their decisions.

How you must ache for those
whose love of power
love of money
love of self
supersedes justice, compassion and mercy.

Some have cried
“How long O Lord, how long?
Some have whispered
“Let this cup be taken from us.”
Some continue to remember
though dimly,
that you are with your children even
“in the valley of the shadow of death.”

Many feel a kaleidoscopic tumbling of emotions
and know not
what to do
how to pray
… if to pray
what to say.

Into your hands, Creator-Of-All,
we commend
… our leaders
… our families
… our neighbours in the widest understanding
… ourselves
and our world.


Photo & Text © June Maffin

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