Tomorrow …

What will you be doing tomorrow?

Here’s what will be happening in the world

The Queen of England is making a major announcement tomorrow
.. why call it an ’emergency’ meeting when it’s only announcing Prince Philip’s retirement?

The Republicans are going to try and put their version of the ACA to a vote tomorrow in Congress
.. why scare people when even if it passes, it is most unlikely to pass a Senate vote.

The President of the United States is apparently going to sign at least one controversial Executive Order
.. why do this at all?

And the local meteorologist has indicated that the sun will come out tomorrow


We all want sun to come out!
We all want a “tomorrow” in our lives.

I don’t know about you but
… whatever the Queen announces
… whatever decision is made in Congress
… whatever Executive Order is signed

I am going to sing, whistle, hum or at least
‘think’ the words to Annie’s “Tomorrow” song
… and “hang on ’til tomorrow come what may!”
because tomorrow is always “a day away.”

That “day away” gives me hope
that there will be another tomorrow
and another
and another.

So we hold on
… do what we can do to allow the sun into our lives
… don’t let the clouds roll in
and occupy our hearts or our minds or our souls.

Tomorrow is always
… a day away!


Photo & Text © June Maffin


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