“I am done with thoughts and prayers that go nowhere”
wrote a friend today.

She had me thinking.
A lot. 

I believe that sincere ‘thoughts and prayers’
*do* go somewhere.
I believe that they go into our own souls.
I believe that they connect us to those who have been hurt, killed, dying
… are suffering for whatever reason
I also believe that ‘thoughts and prayers’ connect us to those
… who are remembering them as well.

 To me ‘thoughts and prayers’ can have a religious intention/overtones
… or not.
So I’ll continue to send good thoughts
to the people who have suffered
to those who are still suffering
to those who will be suffering for a long time to come.

I can’t donate blood
… I’ve had jaundice and they won’t take it.

I can donate a bit of money
… but not millions.

I can’t physically get to Vegas or Puerto Rico or Syria or Spain or …
… but I can get to my computer and blog and I do.

I can’t vote in the US elections as I’m not a U.S. citizen
… but I can encourage my U.S. friends/family to vote.

I suppose that there really not much I can “do.”

But I can think and pray.
I can believe that ‘thought and prayer’ are ‘doing’
because I believe that energy
accompanies sincere thoughts and prayers
and will somehow let those who suffer know that
others care.


The world is in shock.
And it’s not just because of a hurricane or terrorist attack or the sex slave industry or road rage, cruelty, vindictiveness, poverty, “ism’s”, sense of helplessness and hopelessness, insensitivity, homelessness, lack of medical coverage, famine, schoolyard fighting words by two leaders, global warming, drug dependencies that lead many to perpetrate crime, politicians who offer glib words of comfort to others without doing the jobs they were elected to do because of a need of self-aggrandizement.

It’s because it’s happening.
All of it.
And more.
And it’s happening all at the same time.


The world is in shock.
Me too.

I had trouble breathing last night
… which is why I wrote the “Breathe-Just Breathe” Soulistry blog.

I had trouble breathing today
… as I watched the news
play it all out
… over and over
… and over again.

 So this night I will continue to send sincere thoughts and prayers
and hope/pray that they will be of help
in some way
to some one
so they know they are not alone
… and others are thinking about them.


© June Maffin

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