First power outage of the season today.
How quickly the house got cold!

But it was great preparation before the next power outage
because it will happen.

And before it does
there’s time to review and take care of
* recliner chair back-up battery system that didn’t work
* finding the extra flashlights
* learning how to make the little generator work

The portable phones didn’t work in the power outage
… so grateful I kept the old plug-in land line.

While I miss DH, Hans every single day
it’s in situations such as this that remind me
what a calming influence he was
in power outages and tsunami warnings.

Within minutes he would “take charge” of the situation.

So this afternoon, I invoked his spirit
and before I knew it
I had taken charge of the situation.

And as I did, once again
I could hear his words
“Remember, you’re stronger than you think you are.”

Our loved ones really are with us.
Just in a different way.

© Photo & Text: June Maffin

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