Why do we focus on that which separates?
Why do we dwell on differences?

Surely, regardless of
,.. religion
… ethnicity
… gender
… geographical location
… sexual identity
… financial status
… language
… birthing order
… education
… ability
… sexual preference
… colour of skin, eyes, hair
… etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,
we are more similar than different?

When we bleed
… our blood is red.
When we feel pain
… it hurts.
When we smile
… it’s the same language.

There is more that brings us together
… than keeps us apart.

While we recognize and acknowledge our differences
… which make us unique
let us celebrate our similarities,
… which  bring us together.

Thank you, Asger Lethfor of Denmark
for your lovely video: “Three Beautiful Human Minutes”
(link is below) that just “happened to show up” on my FB feed shortly
three times (!)
within minutes
before I clicked “publish” of  this Soulistry blog post.Serendipitous?

The semantics of it isn’t important to me.
The essence of this blog post
– and the video are.May we never forget that
there is more that brings us together
than separates us.


Text © june maffin

Photographer: unknown at this time
but hope someone can let me know so
I can give appropriate accreditation.

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