I’ve been playing with rocks/stones lately
… latest theme has been “love”
adding little phrases/images with colour
then hiding them around our little town and in parks,
under community flower beds etc. beside Nature’s other rocks that are already there.

Little rocks/stones – found on the beach
have become transformed into ‘Kindness Rocks’
hidden outdoors in the hope that finders realize in that brief moment of discovery
… respite from worry, fear, whatever is robbing them of smiling, enjoying the moment, celebrating life

Have I had fun making these?
You bet!

And I’ve been having fun hiding them and giving them away, too.

There are no “rules” about design.
I just decided that this batch would have hearts on them.
The next batch … to be determined as the Spirit moves.

Share the love. 💓


 © June Maffin


Here are two sites for viewing and hopefully they will encourage you to play-with-and-hide rocks/stones💓





Ahhhh, sweet organic corn on the cob from-our-garden

You began your life planted as kernel-seeds in trays
on the dining room table which had been moved to the window
to take advantage of the sun … no special lamps for you.

And you began to grow.

Each morning, the trays were checked and your efforts
to burst forth from the soil so you could grow tall enough to be transplanted
were greeted by “oooh” and “ahhh.”

Ten tiny seeds
that’s all you were
and then came the day when you were strong enough to be
transplanted into the raised veggie bed where you
stretched to the sun and grew tassels and cobs.

“Are they ready to eat, yet?” was the question posed to the Universe.
“Not yet – they need to be rounder at the bottom.”

The waiting continued and continued and continued.
And then, you began to form
and eventually the harvesting!

First, two cobs for dinner, then two more, and one night dinner was
… corn cobs.
Just corn cobs.
Delicious.  Sweet.  Tender corn cobs.

Then your stalks were cut down
the roots dug out to make room for the fall veggies
to be transplanted in your place next week
and the cycle of life will begin
with some of your fall veggie cousins. 





Photo & Text © June Maffin







Why is it we feel such pain
when we hear of the terrifying events happening around the world?
Surely it’s because we are connected.
If one part of humanity hurts, all hurt.
Even Scripture notes that in 1 Corinthians 12: 26a.
We are connected.
One to the other.Like it.
Or not.


Whether our connection is
as family
… by blood, adoption, marriage
as friend, colleague or stranger
we are co-sojourners on this fragile planet called Earth.

We are connected.

Even though we may
… speak different languages
… have different coloured skin
… worship in different ways
… have differing political beliefs
… live out our lives as straight or LGBTQ
… are similar or different in other ways
we are connected.

To lose sight of that connection-reality
is to forego our common humanity.

How we
… treat those with whom we share this planet
… support those for whom paralyzing fear engulfs
… love those with whom we have opposing views
… we respect others who voice their concerns and protest
could be the determining factor of the future of our world.We are connected.Like it.
Or not.



Many will be celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend.
And in the midst of this national holiday
I keep hearing the question
“How do we give thanks
… when there is unemployment or illness in our family? 
… when there are senseless deaths caused by terrorists, drunk drivers, machine guns?
… when abusive substances continue to attract the youth and ruin lives? 
… when we feel depressed, or spiritually dry or lonely or grieving?
… when hurricanes, tornadoes, mass shootings, famine, violence, “isms” are prevalent?
… when abductions happen and people of all ages are forced to become sex slaves?
… when we don’t know if tomorrow will bring war?
… when we don’t know if there will even be a tomorrow?

In the midst of trouble, history shows us that
there are people who give thanks.
Like Henry
… a farmer from a very remote area where people
could only gather for worship at great intervals. 

On those occasions they would witness to
the blessings in their lives since the community had last assembled.

At one such meeting, Henry stood and addressed the people
in halting and simple speech: 
“It’s been a powerful difficult year out there 
… the fever took our eldest daughter 
… then my wife took ill and is still in bed
… the spring wheat crop was mostly ruined by floods
And, oh yes, praise God from Whom all blessings flow.”

Then Henry sat down. 
In the midst of disaster, Henry paused and gave thanks.  

Being thankful each day, takes discipline
especially when there are financial stresses, medical concerns, family problems,
scary political tactics, environmental devastations, and more.

How can we be thankful where there is too much that distracts us?
Maybe we’re looking for the “BIG” blessings
when there are many “LITTLE” blessings?

Think of all the gifts that come absolutely free to most of us:
– If you had to pay for the oxygen you breathe
at the rate oxygen cost in a hospital
how long could you continue breathing?

– If you had to pay for the sun’s heat at the rate of today’s heating bills,
how long could you stay warm in winter?

– If you had to pay for each of your eyes
at the rate eye damages are awarded in court (about $50,000 for the loss of sight in one eye),
how many eyes could you afford?

I believe that the Henry’s of this world live
‘Thankful Living’ lives.

At graduation ceremonies several years ago
almost a hundred students filed into their high school auditorium.
Speeches were offered.
But because of court decisions at the time,
no prayers/blessings were allowed.

When the last student came to the microphone
the students suddenly

The student at the microphone
looked at the students
and confidently said

The audience exploded into applause.
A unique way to invoke Divine blessing on their future
… with or without formal approval had happened.

May we sneeze our way through Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend
and realize that in spite of the angst and fear and unknown in the world
and our own personal stuff,
there is always something for which we can be thankful
and experience at least one little blessing.

Happy, Bless-ed Thanks-giving!



© June Maffin



Something has changed in the back yard

During the summer drought
no birds were in the back yard.
Water and food were put out for them
but no birds.

Yesterday about five or six appeared.
This morning, robins, hummingbirds, sparrows
and I-don’t-know-what-they’re-called
were fluttering, flying, dipping into bushes,
sitting on top of fruit trees
bringing colour, movement, swishes, swirls
sweet sounds
and absolute delight and joy.

Feathered friends,
the nest you made in the spring
is still in the tree
and you’ll find string, dryer-fluff, ribbon
and other things I’ve placed close by
to encourage you to make new nests.

Welcome back!




© June Maffin





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“I am done with thoughts and prayers that go nowhere”
wrote a friend today.

She had me thinking.
A lot. 

I believe that sincere ‘thoughts and prayers’
*do* go somewhere.
I believe that they go into our own souls.
I believe that they connect us to those who have been hurt, killed, dying
… are suffering for whatever reason
I also believe that ‘thoughts and prayers’ connect us to those
… who are remembering them as well.

 To me ‘thoughts and prayers’ can have a religious intention/overtones
… or not.
So I’ll continue to send good thoughts
to the people who have suffered
to those who are still suffering
to those who will be suffering for a long time to come.

I can’t donate blood
… I’ve had jaundice and they won’t take it.

I can donate a bit of money
… but not millions.

I can’t physically get to Vegas or Puerto Rico or Syria or Spain or …
… but I can get to my computer and blog and I do.

I can’t vote in the US elections as I’m not a U.S. citizen
… but I can encourage my U.S. friends/family to vote.

I suppose that there really not much I can “do.”

But I can think and pray.
I can believe that ‘thought and prayer’ are ‘doing’
because I believe that energy
accompanies sincere thoughts and prayers
and will somehow let those who suffer know that
others care.


The world is in shock.
And it’s not just because of a hurricane or terrorist attack or the sex slave industry or road rage, cruelty, vindictiveness, poverty, “ism’s”, sense of helplessness and hopelessness, insensitivity, homelessness, lack of medical coverage, famine, schoolyard fighting words by two leaders, global warming, drug dependencies that lead many to perpetrate crime, politicians who offer glib words of comfort to others without doing the jobs they were elected to do because of a need of self-aggrandizement.

It’s because it’s happening.
All of it.
And more.
And it’s happening all at the same time.


The world is in shock.
Me too.

I had trouble breathing last night
… which is why I wrote the “Breathe-Just Breathe” Soulistry blog.

I had trouble breathing today
… as I watched the news
play it all out
… over and over
… and over again.

 So this night I will continue to send sincere thoughts and prayers
and hope/pray that they will be of help
in some way
to some one
so they know they are not alone
… and others are thinking about them.


© June Maffin



… seems to be growing
… seems to be on the rise
around the world.

How to deal with it?

It’s not to get
… guns
… more guns
… attachments to make guns even more potent.

Instead, perhaps FEAR and HOPE could be transformed
into a new understanding so we

F ace
E verything (that is)
A gainst
R eason
H ealing
O penness (and)
P ossibilities
(of peaceful action and response)
by and for
E veryone

Hope Is stronger than fear.

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.




Photo and text © June Maffin



just breathe

each day
regardless of what is happening
in the world
in the media
in our personal ives
and inhale

just breathe


photo & text © June Maffin




Hello, Sunday.

A new week soon begins.
What will happen
in this world
in my country
in me
the next day
this time next week?

What will happen
depends on me
on each of us
speaking truth
using self-control
expressing kindness
being patient
living gentleness
sharing hope
being compassionate
sharing of our time, finances, energy, prayers.

This world does not need
or violence
or intolerance
or fear
or name-calling
or people-seeking-power-for-personal-control or personal gain.

A new week begins.
May it bring what is needed.

May we do our part.
May leaders do their part.
Welcome, good possibilities!
Hello, Sunday!

The “Welcome” mirror is a *Soulistry*
Meditation Mirror <www.soulistry.com/workshops>

Text & Photo © June Maffin




Fall is here.
The signs abound
… in Nature.
… and within us
as we move into and through the Fall Season of our Lives.

There are times when we feel alive and vibrant
in body, mind and spirit.

There are times when we realize that
… the withering of skin
… the creaking of bones
… the aching of muscles
… the forgetfulness that comes with the aging process
are part of the Fall Season of life.

Is it wisdom to ignore these signs?
Is it wisdom to focus solely on these signs?

How to maintain balance between
acknowledgement of the stages of life
and the reality of the cycle of life?

Perhaps leaves can be our teacher.

When leaves change colour
… the tree is still there.

When our face, legs, arms, neck, hands begin to wither
… we are still there.

When leaves fall
… not all fall at the same time.

When we rise from a chair or sofa
… stiffness doesn’t always remain with us.

Winter is coming.
It is inevitable.

In the meantime
if leaves and trees could talk
perhaps they would remind us
to spread our branches
to acknowledge our natural beauty
… in each season
and to welcome life.




photo and text © June Maffin
www.soulistry.com   www.soulistry.com/blog

<photo taken Shawnigan Lake, B.C., Canada>



Have you ever met or been confronted by Self-Doubt Mountain?
Have you ever thought there was something
… a particular situation
… a new technique or learning
… a certain time in your life
you couldn’t “get-through”?

A few hours before my husband Hans died last summer, he said
“Don’t ever forget – you are stronger and more resilient than you think you are.”

His words held me up during this past year
reminding me that I have faced Self-Doubt Mountain in the past
and survived;
teaching me that I will face Self-Doubt Mountain in the future
and will survive.

Hans was a wonderful artist (www.soulistry.com/hans)
Working in watercolour, pastel, pen and ink
he was looking forward to working in acrylic
but died before he could begin.
So in his memory
I decided to see what I could do with the acrylic paints.

But Self-Doubt Mountain was in front of me.

I was going to put the acrylic paints in the garage sale
but when I remembered Hans’ words
and the words/image that showed up
in a ‘What Quote Guides Your Life’ on-line test






‘possibilities’ emerged.

Where to begin?
I googled ‘acrylic painting’ and before I knew it
I was in the Studio playing with acrylics
and having soooooo much fun!

When I took Hans’ words and the above image to heart
and challenged myself a bit further
I entered my first acrylic painting in our local exhibition
and was gobsmacked when I learned I had won
first prize in the acrylic division.

When Self-Doubt Mountain surfaces
… and it will
this experience will also surface
and when it does
may Self-Doubt Mountain lose.




© June Maffin





People who are ‘different’ are being targeted, ostracized, bullied.
“Different” religion.
“Different” sexual orientation.
“Different” physical or mental ability.
And with the bullying, ostracizing, targeting
a growing fear seems to be expanding almost daily.

Some say they “can’t make a difference.”
But there are many who *are* making a difference.

A little difference.
That’s all it takes.


His name was Joe.

“How has your day been?” he asked.
A simple question  (not the typical “How are you”
that usually elicits an inauthentic response)
Joe’s question had a ring of authenticity.
She answered – honestly.
“It’s been a really shitty and sad day.
My friend died today and I’m really sad.”
Tears welled up and spilled down her cheeks.

His name was Joe.
He was quiet while checking items through the till
then told her he was sorry for her loss and said 
“I lost my mom last month.”
They shared “one-of-those-moments” together
and spoke of the importance of
“enjoying every moment with those we love
and making the most of this thing called life.”

Picking up the bag of groceries
she noticed a bouquet of flowers tucked inside.
“Oh, these aren’t mine.”
“Yes. They are for YOU.”
“They’re for you.  I’m sorry about your friend. 
The flowers are for you.”

The woman in line behind her began to quietly cry.
A tear rolled down his face.
Tears rolled down her face.

At the human-level
they were strangers
At the soul-level
they were friends.

As she walked through tree-lined neighbourhoods
tears gently flowing down her cheeks
she was mindful of an encounter with the Holy Presence
of a fellow sojourner on Planet Earth.
His name was Joe.

When she got home and unwrapped the flowers
she realized they were orange Gerbera daisies
… her favourite flower and colour.

Joe may not have known the difference he made that day
but my friend did.
He made a difference in her life
and brought healing and hope.

When we listen to another
… truly listen with our ears, our eyes, our minds, our hearts
we *can* make a difference in the life of another.

The Joe’s and Jolene’s of this world exist.
They give us hope
… people can be kind.
They remind us
… we all share a common humanity.
They teach us
… everyone has the power-within to be someone’s ‘Joe’ or ‘Jolene.’


gerberaorange-dscn0001-1Photos and Text © June Maffin


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solitary flower by the roadside
gentle reminder
cycle of life
beauty of life
fragility of life 
all three wrapped in
© June Maffin




we all have them

on a drive one afternoon in rural Ontario
the no-longer-existing fence
with its tall weeds
and grass wildly growing all around
caught my eye
and led my attention
to the farmhouse waaaaaay off in the distance

i wondered
what stories the building could tell

stories of a time when it
stood tall and erect
provided shelter
watched children
… romp and laugh and grow
watched adults
… become elders and move on

that was long ago

now the farmhouse is beginning
to tilt to one side
and before long it will be a relic

one day
we too will be like the old farmhouse

let us not wait to remember and share our stories

stories of long ago
stories we are experiencing now
stories to learn from
stories to laugh about
stories to cry over
stories to celebrate
stories we would like to forget
stories of our childhood and youth
stories of our travels
stories of spiritual awareness
stories of our mistakes
stories of our successes
stories of our loved
stories of our sad times
stories of our difficult times
stories of our survival
stories of personal growth
stories of when we thrived
stories of self-care or lack thereof


we all have stories
but when we die they die with us
unless we share our stories

now is the time
to journal, blog, speak our stories into a tape recorder
so those who follow
can one day remember and say
… “oh the stories!”



Photo and Text © June Maffin


as I stepped out of the car to take this photo
the bird appeared on the beach
the sun began to set
and a transcendent peace seemed to enfold me. 

it was a quiet moment
… a gentle experience of Love
and I wondered “what will Tomorrow bring?”

not just tomorrow
… of the next day
but the Tomorrow
… of when we die.

many who have died and been brought back to life
speak of feelings of
… peace
… gentleness
… a Love that transcended any love they’d ever experienced before. 

my mother was such a person.

fearful of death before her experience with death-before-Death
such an experience changed her forever

and then she lived her remaining years
and in anticipation of
the peace, gentleness and Love
she believed awaited her
when her sun set for the final time.

when tragedy happens and people perish
when accidents happen and people die
when illness happens and people succumb
and on the anniversary of 9-11 each year
my mother’s experience comforts me.

what will Tomorrow bring
for me?
for you?
for all who have gone
… those known to us?
… those unknown to us?

may they
may we
… rest in a peace that passes understanding
… rest in a gentleness beyond comprehension
… rest in a Love that is inexplicable.

may peace, gentleness, Love


Photo and Text © June Maffin

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“J’ai peur.”
“I’m scared.”
As Hurricane Irma makes its way across the Atlantic ocean
toward islands, homes, businesses, animals, people
these words appear more and more on Facebook.

What to do in the midst of experiencing fear
that “gut-wrenching, can’t explain, keep-me-awake” type of fear
… medical diagnosis, painful medical/dental procedure
… violence, homelessness, hunger, abuse, deportation
… emergency evacuation due to fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes

I wish I had the definitive answer.

I find help in
… talking
… crying
… admitting my fear to myself/another
… praying
… focusing on slowly breathing “in – peace; out – fear”
… writing/blogging
… playing my flute
“creating” something
… repeating the words of Dame Julian of Norwich
“All shall be well.  All shall be well.  And all manner of thing shall be well”

… nothing seems to help.

The feelings of
… helplessness
… abandonment
… lack of control

My breathing becomes shallow.
My heart races.
My mind won’t stop thinking.

At such times
I take comfort in the reality
that somewhere in the world
… someone is meditating
… someone is remembering me/the situation
… someone is praying the Daily Office
… someone is at peace and wanting peace for others
… someone is sitting cross-legged and chanting
… someone is saying the Rosary
… someone is receiving Communion
… someone is reciting the Shema
… someone is thinking/sending/praying/whispering good thoughts
… someone is holding those experiencing fear in their heart, mind and spirit.

I am comforted.
Because of our common humanity,
I am not alone.

To all in the path of fury
… be that human nature
… be that Mother Nature
may you be comforted.
You are not alone.

It may feel like you are.
But you are not alone.
We are connected.

We are connected
by the intangible essence of
compassion, empathy, prayer, love
… our humanity.

It’s okay to admit our fear
in spoken and written word.

Admitting our fear
helps move it out of the darkness
and the power fear wields over us
is no longer as strong
as it was even a moment ago
when fear was boxed-up inside us.

This night
and each night
I remember those
who are huddled in a corner
… of a room
… of their thoughts
in fear.

It’s okay to admit
“I’m afraid.  J’ai peur.”



Photo and Text © June Maffin



The wind has changed direction.
Smoke from nearby fires is frighteningly strong.
Lungs ache.
Eyes burn.
Families fear losing their homes, livestock, pets, lives.
Painful tears.

The wind has changed direction.
Young men and women
brought to their new home as babies or children
will be facing deportation in six months.
Painful tears.

The wind has changed direction
floods and rising waters
continue their devastating invasion around the world.
Families have lost or fear losing their homes, livestock, pets, lives.
Painful tears.

The political wind has changed direction.
People are standing up, speaking out
making their opposition known
not only in peaceful ways.
but in not-so-peaceful ways.
Painful tears.

Evacuations continue to happen
as yet another hurricane begins its journey
towards islands, States, Provinces.
Painful tears.

Illness continues to happen
… addiction, chronic illness, mental illness, death.
Painful tears.

The political wind is changing again
Two men hurl nuclear threats back and forth.
Is war on the horizon?
Painful tears.

I continue to shed painful tears that
… fall from my eyes and cover my face
… fall from my heart and cover my soul.
Putting a lid on festering garbage only hides the putrid smell
where eventually the garbage can bursts open

So I continue to pray
I continue to hope that
painful tears
will be diminished by
… naming the fears and not letting them fester
… keeping my eyes open to integrity
… not stifling conversation about the media, politics, DACA, global warming, the future
… being open
… letting Light in
so that healing can begin
for this world
we inhabit
we love.



Photo & Text © June Maffin

<Photo taken at Remembrance Day
service in Duncan, British Columbia>



Sometimes, our hearts skip a beat
and we ask the worrying questions of “what if …”
after a situation/relationship/election/crisis/etc
is over.

What if …
… ‘xyz’ hadn’t been done or said
… the stock market hadn’t plummeted
… the relationship hadn’t gone sour
… an election hadn’t turned out the way it did
… the accident hadn’t happened
… a loved one hadn’t become so ill or died
… Mother Nature hadn’t unleashed such fury

Why do we continue to ask
the “what if” questions that cause
… our personal heart to beat irregularly
… distress and anxiety
… our corporate heart to pound

Why do we continue to ask
the “what if” questions
that bring about
… less compassion
… less focus on issues of justice
… more fear
… more depression

May those “what if” questions of the past
have no more power to distract us
or cause us concern.

Instead may we focus on the
“what if” questions of the future
… what if I journey down path A instead of path B
… what if I say yes to an invitation extended my way
… what if I take the risk and explore a new line of work, vocation, interest
… what if I join a group, take a course
… what if I make time to ‘be still’ and consider the gifts around and within me
… what if I pick up the phone and call someone who is hurting
… what if I reach out in love to myself as well as to God and my neighbour
… what if I …

While “what if” questions can bring
… regret, grief, self-blame, guilt.

The “what if” questions can bring
… challenge, encouragement, nourishment.

What has passed
… has passed.
What has passed
… cannot be undone.

What lies ahead
… has yet to unfold.
What lies ahead
… ‘can’ be done.

What if the haunting “what if’s” of the past
become our teacher
… instead of a soul-ache deep within us
and we are led to discover
the hope, the challenge, the joy
of soul-enriching possibilities.




Photo & Text © June Maffin



It’s easy to point fingers and blame.
It’s easy to mock and ridicule someone who is different.
It’s easy to harass and bully those unable to defend themselves.
It’s even easy to pick up a gun to settle an argument.
These may be ‘easy’ – but they are not only ‘not right’
… they lead to more finger-pointing, blame, mocking, ridiculing, harassment, bullying
and even murder.

In Texas and Louisiana
… something is happening.
The rain continues and waters rise.
People are trapped in their homes.
Will they get rescued?
And, by whom?

People *are* being rescued
… by professionals and ordinary citizens alike.

Rescuers aren’t asking “Are you an American?”  
“Do you believe what I believe when it comes to politics?”
“Are you a Christian?”

They’re helping.
They’re reaching-out.
They’re expressing love
… by their selfless actions
… by their compassion
… by their concern
… by their prayers and kind thoughts.

The weather in Texas and Louisiana
has given rise to people recognizing
the true essence of what it means to be
… human.


© June Maffin (photo & text)




“My courage does not roar.
It whispers to my heart.
It makes me dig deep
and find it in my soul
to fight on.”
<Firefighter Kim Fitzsimmons>

Thank you, firefighters everywhere.
You valiantly and selflessly serve long hours at great personal cost.

We continue to hold you close in our hearts.

We pray for your protection
and remember
… those whose homes are being destroyed by fire
… your families, wildlife and vegetation
… those whose lives have been lost and their families
… firefighters still fighting the fires
… those who are besieged by fire-fighting experiences PTSD.



Your selflessness and sacrifice are not forgotten
and we are grateful
… grateful beyond measure.


Thank you
for letting the courage that whispers to your heart
help you dig deep
and find it in your soul to fight on.



© June Maffin
www.soulistry.com/blog<unknown photographer>

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