This time of the year
in many parts of the world
evening skies don’t reveal gorgeous sunsets
birds are seldom seen flying overhead dotting the horizon.
There’s really nothing spectacular in the sky.

And maybe
maybe …
that’s the wonder of it all.

The slight colour differences in the sky
… peering through the almost-barren-trees
in this photo I took from the back yard bring
a sense of tranquility
a feeling of calm
a gentle presence of the Holy
especially in these more-than-politically-trying-times
and are reminders of the themes of the four weeks of Advent:
Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.

I am making an intentional choice
… focus, focus, focus on those themes.

Not ignore the realities, implications or consequences
of the more-than-politically-trying-times and personal concerns
but choose to focus on that which can
encourage, nourish, enrich
body, mind and spirit.

Whether waiting for Christmas
… and the Son to be born anew at Christmas
or waiting for Winter Solstice
… and the Sun to be born anew,
may the next coming four weeks of Advent bring blessings of
to this world, relationships and personal lives
in ways that can’t even begin to be asked or imagined.

I choose to focus on
the wonder of the message of the skies
the wonder of the possibilities
… albeit seemingly remote.
I choose to focus on
“The Wonder Of It All.”


© june maffin

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