Merry Christmas!

And with the carols and greetings and good wishes of this day
the Twelve Days of Christmas begin
seeking to encourage us in our lives.

On each of the Twelve Days of Christmas
beginning today, “Soulistry – Artistry of the Soul”
will bring a reflection for consideration.

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May the Spirit of Christmas dwell deep in our minds and thoughts and actions.
May the Spirit of Christmas become part of our spiritual journey
And may the Spirit of Christmas bring hope, peace, joy and love to our world.

Merry Christmas!   Happy Twelve Days of Christmas.  🙂
With love,

In the spirit of gift-giving, I hope you will receive the Soulistry “Twelve Days of Christmas” blog series as gift, with much love.   Comments on any Soulistry blog post ( are always welcome. Thank you.   June Maffin

© June Maffin

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