It’s easy to point fingers and blame.
It’s easy to mock and ridicule someone who is different.
It’s easy to harass and bully those unable to defend themselves.
It’s even easy to pick up a gun to settle an argument.
These may be ‘easy’ – but they are not only ‘not right’
… they lead to more finger-pointing, blame, mocking, ridiculing, harassment, bullying
and even murder.

In Texas and Louisiana
… something is happening.
The rain continues and waters rise.
People are trapped in their homes.
Will they get rescued?
And, by whom?

People *are* being rescued
… by professionals and ordinary citizens alike.

Rescuers aren’t asking “Are you an American?”  
“Do you believe what I believe when it comes to politics?”
“Are you a Christian?”

They’re helping.
They’re reaching-out.
They’re expressing love
… by their selfless actions
… by their compassion
… by their concern
… by their prayers and kind thoughts.

The weather in Texas and Louisiana
has given rise to people recognizing
the true essence of what it means to be
… human.


© June Maffin (photo & text)


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