Play.  We think it’s for children.  And, it is.
but it’s also for adolescents and adults and seniors.

But when the busyness of life grabs at us, when we have no time or energy, or creative juice or no zest for life, perhaps it is time to ask “What’s the balance?”

Maybe we don’t allow ourselves to simply “be” and focus on ourselves as a human do-ing rather than a human be-ing.

Instead of doing things which drain us to the point that
… the passion-to-create
… the desire to spend quality time with self/family/close friends is no longer paramount (or maybe even existent) in your day>

Maybe it’s time to give ourselves the gift of Presence
… presence to ourself
and play

dabble with new colours and shapes



with no thought to outcome
… dance and sing and hum to music in your studio
… have no judgment on what is being created
… no thought as to how it can be used “down the road”
Simply the joy of creating
… for its own pleasure
… for whatever time frame you give yourself.

Before you know it, the time taken to simply “be” becomes the catalyst for the precious balance so necessary to a life where the spirit grows, personhood evolves and wholeness emerges.

Let’s give ourselves the Gift of Presence all year round!

©  june maffin

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