THE day has arrived.
It’s been anticipated – talked about – feared.
What kind of a day will it be?

We’ve heard the expression
“Have a nice day!”
We’ve heard it from family, friends, store clerks, strangers.

When someone greets me with it,
I reply with something like “You, too”
with a smile on my face.

But one day, I said those words to my employer
and he barked back
“Don’t tell me what kind of day to have!” 

And no, he didn’t have a smile on his face
or a joking tone of voice when he said it.

He was going to have the kind of day
he was going to have and did not
want to be told to “have a nice day.”

Walking along the boardwalk in our local Somenos Marsh
I noticed a plaque on a bench that read
“Have a Plain Day.”

While I just ‘know’ there’s a story to the plaque
and would love to know it someday,
in the meantime,
I can’t help but think
what response my former boss would say!

All of this brings me back to today.
THE day.

What kind of a day will it be for you?
Will you “have a good day”?
Will you “have a plain day”?
Will you wake up
“expecting something wonderful will happen”
or will it be something else?

Whatever kind of day
you have, I have, each of us has today
on THE day,

may there be

… a moment of peace

… a glimpse of hope

… an experience of grace.

in some way.


TrishTaylor copy 2 Calligraphy © Trish Taylor
This is an “as is” early morning sketch
created by Trish Taylor (used with permission)
while she was awaiting lung transplant surgery.

Text © June Maffin





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