The month of January is a week old today.  The new year has begun.   As we open the door to the future, let us take a deep breath and step on through, an encourage the Alphabet of Life to be our guide:

A – accepting of self

B – be-ing, not do-ing

C – creating something each day

D – drawing on our inner resources

E – elevating our thoughts to new heights

F – feeding our soul

G – graciously accepting compliments

H – hitting goals

I – initiating contact with a friend

J – joyfully receiving the gift of life

K – keeping our head while the world seems out-of-whack

L – loving our neighbour as ourself

M – mirroring the goodness we admire in others

N – nourishing our spirit

O – opening our heart to receiving love in new ways

P – paddling through each day in spite of the blocks

Q – questioning the imponderables

R – realizing our potential

S – smiling when we meet a stranger

T – treasuring the precious moments of each day

U – understanding that we don’t have all the answers to life

V – valuing our education and those who have been/ are our mentors

W – weaving experiences of life through a loom of learning

X – xtracting information from the Universe so we grow in wisdom

Y – yielding to the holy, however we understand that term

Z – zeroing in on the truly important things of life


© June Maffin

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