feather … whisper … hum
a derivative from the Latin noun “‘susurrus’
meaning ‘whispering / rustling  / hum of sounds’

So often, word comes our way of family / friends / neighbours
near-by and global who are
dealing with the actions of terrorists
undergoing surgery, pain, depression
dying, being tortured, experiencing separation from loved ones
living in abusive situations
in fear of their lives
dealing with addiction, mental illness, grief

To each of them, known and unknown
may they receive a susurrous / hum / whisper
of respite from pain (physical, emotional, spiritual)
of hope
of healing.

May the whispers, hums and feathers of hope
lighten burdens, reduce fear, eliminate sense of hopelessness
and may those who wait and watch
be aware of such susurrous surrounding
those they care about
as well themselves

© june maffin   SOULartISTRY blog post   www.soulistry.com/blog



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