It’s been quite a while since I saw this video. The “Soulistry” book had just been published and a young man was exploring the possibility of going into video production as a profession. He put out a query along the lines of “I’ll create a video for you for $5.00 U.S.” so I thought “Maybe I can help him and get word out about the Soulistry book at the same time.

While I’m not enthralled with the music and would rather the “title” of my name were not there, I do like what he came up with ... and for only $5.00 U.S!    Yes, he is now a professional video producer and his fees are … well, waaaayyyy, waaaayyy beyond $5.00.   Even so, I’m delighted that I have this … and that FB’s “On This Day” pulled it up for me out of their library so I could see it again, remember and share it here.



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