It’s real.
We can’t ‘pour from an empty cup.’
But it’s not easy to step back a bit so many
Are hungry or cold or thirsty for clean water
Or scared or homeless or racist or uneducated or abused
Or people we love are hurting or unwell or in pain or grieving
Or unemployed or waiting as a loved one faces death
Or are watching time slip by as their own death approaches.

The cumulative effect of it all
Can drag us down or drain our energy or make us numb
Or make us accident-prone or even become ill ourselves.
Soul-fatigue. At the very least.

We *must* take care of ourselves. First.
We must love ourselves enough
To say no and to let go.
We *must* remind ourselves
We are human *beings* not human *doings*.
We must make time to simply ‘be’.

We must make time to fill our own cup
Show the compassion we show to others
To ourselves
Inspire our heart and make time to enjoy the arts
Listen to, look at and appreciate
The simple things of life around us
To laugh and play and be carefree
To recognize and express gratitude
For the blessings we often take for granted
Because if we do not
We will become
Unable to care for anyone else

This day and each day
We must take a sip
From the cup of kindness
For and to ourselves.
May we heed the wisdom of the ages
Expressed in song and poetry and art
And prose and Scripture and drama
And take care of ourselves
In some way
Every day
So we diminish or better yet eliminate
Soul Fatigue.

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