With all the snow that’s recently unexpectedly arrived,
a decision to change the cover photo for the Soulistry FB as well as personal FB page
… with photos of birds perched on trees in our back yard
… and this link to Alexey Kjatov’s incredible photographs of snowflakes
encouraged reflection on the question:
“If there is no Divine Being
how is it such intricate
mathematically-exquisite shapes
can come into existence
… and there be no two shapes alike?”

That question prompted ponderings on the possibility that
Divine/Creator/God/Holy Other not only
can exist,
but that what is happening in the world
does not mean
the end of the existence of humankind
as some are suggesting.

While I respect the opinion of others to believe as they believe
I can only conclude in the existence of Something-Other-Than
and continue to
… marvel at the created order;
… be in awe of the miracles I see every day;
… be grateful for the selflessness, generosity of spirit, loving kindness in the world;
… appreciate the courage and tenacity of those who speak/act for the voiceless;
… believe in the connection between creativity/creation and spirituality

And no, I’m not talking about religion.

The thought of “Something-Other-Than”
by whatever name
… God
… Holy Other
… Creator
touches me at a very, very deep level.


Photo & Text © june maffin

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