I’ve been playing with rocks/stones lately
… latest theme has been “love”
adding little phrases/images with colour
then hiding them around our little town and in parks,
under community flower beds etc. beside Nature’s other rocks that are already there.

Little rocks/stones – found on the beach
have become transformed into ‘Kindness Rocks’
hidden outdoors in the hope that finders realize in that brief moment of discovery
… respite from worry, fear, whatever is robbing them of smiling, enjoying the moment, celebrating life

Have I had fun making these?
You bet!

And I’ve been having fun hiding them and giving them away, too.

There are no “rules” about design.
I just decided that this batch would have hearts on them.
The next batch … to be determined as the Spirit moves.

Share the love. 💓


 © June Maffin


Here are two sites for viewing and hopefully they will encourage you to play-with-and-hide rocks/stones💓



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