Once upon a time … yes – this is a story.  🙂

Once upon a time, a donkey fell down a well.
The animal cried and cried and cried – for hours.
The farmer tried to help but …
he decided the animal was old
and it wasn’t worth his time and energy to save the donkey.
So he and his neighbours began to throw dirt into the well.

When the donkey realized
what was happening, he cried and cried and cried.
Then he quieted down.

The farmer and his neighbours continued to throw dirt into the well.
When the farmer looked down the well,
he was surprised at what he saw!
With every shovel of dirt that fell on his back
the donkey was doing something amazing!
He was shaking off the dirt
and taking a step up.
As the dirt continued to be shovelled on top of the donkey,
he would shake it off
and take another step up.

Everyone was amazed
as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well
and trotted off!

We all get dirt shoved on us
and sometimes
we even shovel the dirt on ourselves.

Each time we say “I can’t …
… I can’t do this
… I can’t try that
… I can’t go there …”
we are shovelling the dirt on ourselves.
That’s when 
we need to get out of the deep well we’re in
… the well of self-pity … blame … low self-confidence.

We need to
… shake off the dirt
… take a step up
… not give up
… let every adversity become a stepping stone to positive change.

We *can* get out of the deep wells –  whether our well includes
– feeling lonely
– feeling anxious about upcoming  assignments
– not making friends
– frightened about the future
– worried about upcoming medical tests, dental treatment, surgery
finances, politics, an upcoming meeting, exams … whatever!

When dirt falls on your back,
remember the donkey
… shake it off
… and take a step up!


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