I love the word ‘Epiphany’… those “ah-hah!” moments in life when we suddenly feel that we ‘understand,’ we ‘get it,’  we unexpectedly gain insight into the nature or meaning of something or someone we hadn’t quite grasped, gotten or understood previously.

Many around the world are celebrating something called the Season of Epiphany which began when it is said that a star guided three Magi to the baby Jesus.   Me too.   I love the image of the Star … an image of light … and delight in that image bringing people to the baby Jesus some call the Light of the World for it evokes many things within me – not the least of which is a play-on-words.

I make handmade Origami paper stars which appear on an indoor plant at Epiphany.   It’s a fun, creative, require oh-so-few supplies, and easy to make activity to welcome the Season of Epiphany.   And, to add to the fun, I add tiny white lights around the house to welcome the light that continues to come into the world through ordinary people of all religions, ethnicities, sexual identities, abilities, races who bring kindness, caring, gentleness, peace, patience, goodness, love, hope … aka “Bearers of The Light” (www.soulistry.com/let-us-be-the-light).

I love words … and playing with words.   When I hear people use the word “so” inappropriately and far too often, I begin to get frustrated.  Rather than focus on my frustration, I play a word game with myself: I think “SEW,” not “SO” and let it be a reminder of my  Star Epiphany Word (S.E.W.) … a word I choose to guide me to epiphanies.   Epiphanies – you know … those “ah-hah” moments that teach, surprise, delight, and potentially transform.

Each Season of Epiphany, I have fun choosing my S.E.W.    This year, it’s going to be “open.”   I want to be ‘open’ to possibilities in terms of personal growth; the “Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul” ministryhealth of body, mind and spirit.  I choose to be open … to joy and love and peace and hope; open to possibilities, learning, sharing, networking; open.  Open to changing frustration into play – like creating the S.E.W. word game.   🙂

What about you?   What S.E.W. do your choose to guide you in the coming year?   So many possibilities!   Choose one.  Next Epiphany, choose the same or another word.   Whatever word you choose, know that it will be the right word for you.  Happy Epiphany!

Photo & Text © june maffin


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