My DH Hans and I shared the same philosophy about life … and death.
We believe that “we all come to this world to learn; do our part in making this world a better place through actions, words and thoughts of lovingkindness; create, play and celebrate life; and then move on to the next learning.”  <june maffin>

Sadly, some of us “move on” too soon and for far too many, it’s due to some form of the dreaded “C” word: cancer.

If you know someone who
– fought a battle against cancer and died
is a cancer survivor, but still struggling
– is grieving the loss of someone whose loved one left this earth because of cancer
as today is Cancer Survivor Day, let’s look beyond the view of this photo
(view from the top of Malahat Mountain on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada of Finlayson
remember and envision them all
with hope in our hearts that they are now “beyond” and at peace;
and remember them with prayers of thanksgiving for their love and friendship.

May the day come soon when there is no longer a “Cancer-Anything” Day other than to celebrate its cure!

<Remembering beloved husband, Hans van der Werff, two-time cancer survivor and who on the third go-round died on June 26, 2016.
May he and all who are no longer with us in person, but will always be with us in our heart and memories, rest in peace.>

Photo and Text © June Maffin
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