whether it’s
looking at art
listening to music
recommending a restaurant to another
we all have our own perspective
our own viewpoint
our own experience of what we see/hear/taste/feel.

When I created this ZenDoodle long ago while waiting to see a doctor,
it was as it is in the first photo – sideways.
Sitting beside me was a fellow who, after watching me doodle,
said “How about putting a hat on him?”

“A hat?”
On him?”
Clearly, I didn’t “see” what the fellow sitting beside me saw.

But when he leaned over, he took the corner of my little zendoodle and turned it around.
I “saw” the image he was seeing.  I doodled a little ‘tam.’

Life’s Lessons are all around us
and the little zendoodled fellow has become a gentle reminder –
what is seen isn’t always what others see;
what is heard isn’t always what others hear;
what is experienced isn’t always what others are experiencing
even in the same situation.

<© june maffin   Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul  www.soulistry.com>



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