On this, the 3rd day in the Season of Christmas
I wish you a voice

A voice that would sing!
A voice that would be –

… a voice for the voiceless in the world.

… a voice that would let elected politicians
know when they are not standing up for justice.

… a voice that would echo the cries
of the innocent, the tortured, the unjustly tried
the abused, the homeless, the hungry,
the lonely in the world.

… a voice that would write letters to the editor
and speak out for the local community.

… a voice that would express
your innermost feelings
to loved ones before it is too late.

… and a voice that speaks to your own heart
with a gentle reminder that
you are loved
you are worthy
you are growing and evolving
your full potential.

Be a voice
and sing.  🙂

Happy 3rd day of Christmas!


© june maffin

3rd Day of Christmas image – © Banu Moore

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