On this, the 6th Day of Christmas,
six geese were a-laying.

This day offers a gentle opportunity
to reflect on the moments in our lives of
birthing, a-laying, inspiration.

Consider the a-laying moments and situations when
… a new idea was hatched
… a unique thought came to mind
… an alternative way of doing things emerged
… a possibility became a reality
… taking “the road less travelled” challenged previous ways of thinking
… “push came to shove” and a decision was made
… rebirth was experienced
… “the light turned on” inside us
… our spirit was ignited with passion
… we physically gave birth to another human being
… our life was changed as we stood up for ourselves

Consider the a-laying moments and situations when
others were used by the Divine to
… give us birth
… draw us forth into creativity
… breathe life into our hurts
… inspire us

And as we consider, may we
make time to reflect.
make time to journal.
make time to delight in the opportunity this day brings.

Happy 6th Day of Christmas!

<The word ‘inspiration’ comes from
the Latin “inspirare” originally meaning
‘breath’ and used in reference to
a “divine influence upon a person”>




© june maffin



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