On this, the 9th Day of Christmas
the ladies were dancing!

Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett wrote:
“Dance first.
Think later.
It’s the natural order.”

The ladies who were dancing on the 9th Day of Christmas
didn’t “think” about it.
They simply danced
and their bodies responded.

A new year has begun.
Many are grateful to set last year behind them
as it represents a year they don’t want to remember,
and when they do remember
it brings forth feelings of anger and fear, among other things.
They don’t know what to do with those emotions
so they bring them into the New Year.

The dancing ladies offer  a suggestion:
… dance!

Dance through
the anger, the fear, the pain, the whatever!

Dance to music.
Dance in silence.

Dance with others.
Dance with self.

Dance at a party.
Dance in the kitchen.

Wherever.  Whenever.  However.

When our body or mind are rigid
so too is our spirit.

Dancing stimulates the release of endorphins
which reduce pain be it physical, emotional, spiritual

The dancing ladies offer a suggestion
… dance!
Dance when life’s joy is present.
Dance gives a natural high,
increasing metabolism and blood flow.
When we experience the joy of the moment
… we connect to our spirit.

Whether dancing is in response to
or any emotion,
creativity and spirituality are present
and become united
for d
ance is a spiritual connection.

May we “Dance first.  Think later.”
as the New Year unfolds.

Happy 9th Day of Christmas!


Text © june maffin



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