On this, the 4th Day of Christmas,
“Four Calling Birds” are calling
… calling to us about ‘calling.‘
Is a ‘calling’ a job? occupation? vocation?

The word ‘occupation’ comes from the Latin “occupare”
meaning “fill” or “take up”
… what we do to earn a living
… what we do to make money.

The word ‘vocation’ comes from the Latin “vocationem”
meaning ‘spiritual calling’
… being on the right path.
… doing what we were created to do.

Sometimes our ‘calling’ is expressed in our occupation.
Sometimes, it is expressed in volunteer activity, artistic undertaking
athletic endeavour, creative expression, something else.

May this 4th Day of Christmas encourage us to ask
… am I living my calling?
… am I on the right path?
… am I doing what I was created to do?
… is there joy in what I do?
… what about ‘Purpose’?  Dedication?  Passion?
… do I experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment?

May this Fourth Day of Christmas be blessed
as we ‘call’ gentle words of affirmation to ourselves
and explore how the sense of ‘call’
can be incorporated in our lives in some way.

Happy 4th Day of Christmas!



© june maffin

{A bit of bg … in 1909, Frederic Austin wrote a version
of the original “12 Days of Christmas” song which, in 1780,
used the Old English word “colly” (for ‘coal’) for the blackbirds in the song,
altering ‘colly’ to ‘calling’ in many of today’s versions.)


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