On this, the 11th Day of Christmas,
the Pipers were piping!

Were the pipers playing recorders?
Were the pipers playing bagpipes?
Who knows.
I’ve always imagined the pipers playing bagpipes
… loud, rousing instruments
whose sound makes a stirring statement.

As the New Year unfolds
and an uncertain political environment exists around the world,
perhaps the pipers can encourage us to be a “stirring statement”.

Not all of us will be like Scottish Infantryman and bagpiper Daniel Laidlaw
who became known as the Piper of Loos
in the Battle of Loos in 1915 in World War 1.
The effect his piping had on other Infantrymen
was described as “almost miraculous”
and when he was awarded the Victoria Cross medal
it was said that he was
“an exemplar of grace and coolness under fire.”

Everyone faces battles at some time in their life
… battles of … physical illness … mental illness … infections
… battles of … broken relationships … poverty … disability
… battles of … grief … financial instability
… battles of … addiction … broken relationships
… battles of … injustice … bigotry … misogyny
… battles of … any of an “ism”  … loss

When we face our battles
may the pipers
encourage us to be
“an exemplar of grace and coolness under fire.”

Happy 11th Day of Christmas!


© Text: june maffin

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