On this, the 8th Day of Christmas
the milking image is front-and-centre
… an image of nourishment
… being fed at the breast.

But there are times when
… an image of anxiety is associated
… being milked, fleeced, drained, exploited
by friends, family, corporations, governments
and when that happens,
our mind and our very soul / spirit
is compromised
– at the very least.

How can we disallow the latter
… that destroys our spirit
and encourage the former
… to nourish our spirit?

The words of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play
“Yet doe I feare thy Nature, It is too full o’ th’ Milke of humane kindnesse.”
offer thoughtful consideration.

When the ‘milk of human kindness’
… compassion, care of self and others, sympathy
is expressed,
the milking of our spirit has less room to occupy.

It has been said that we live in a Universe of energy
… positive and negative.

If true,
we are at liberty to determine
… on what to focus our attention
… on what to allow to preoccupy our thoughts
… on what to let into our spirit

we are at liberty
… to experience each emotion
and then ask
… how long do we hold onto the anger?
… how long do we allow hatred to absorb our thoughts?
… how long do we let fear absorb our energy?
… how long do we withhold forgiveness?

On this, the 8th Day of Christmas
as a New Year begins
may we express the “milk of human kindness”
in our thoughts
in our words
in our social media posts
in our actions
in our prayers
so we can be part of the transformation
that is so desperately needed in this world.

Happy 8th Day of Christmas!


Text: © june maffin

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