we all have them

on a drive one afternoon in rural Ontario
the no-longer-existing fence
with its tall weeds
and grass wildly growing all around
caught my eye
and led my attention
to the farmhouse waaaaaay off in the distance

i wondered
what stories the building could tell

stories of a time when it
stood tall and erect
provided shelter
watched children
… romp and laugh and grow
watched adults
… become elders and move on

that was long ago

now the farmhouse is beginning
to tilt to one side
and before long it will be a relic

one day
we too will be like the old farmhouse

let us not wait to remember and share our stories

stories of long ago
stories we are experiencing now
stories to learn from
stories to laugh about
stories to cry over
stories to celebrate
stories we would like to forget
stories of our childhood and youth
stories of our travels
stories of spiritual awareness
stories of our mistakes
stories of our successes
stories of our loved
stories of our sad times
stories of our difficult times
stories of our survival
stories of personal growth
stories of when we thrived
stories of self-care or lack thereof


we all have stories
but when we die they die with us
unless we share our stories

now is the time
to journal, blog, speak our stories into a tape recorder
so those who follow
can one day remember and say
… “oh the stories!”



Photo and Text © June Maffin

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