imagesHowever much you try,
not everyone will like you.
Whether it’s family or friends, colleagues or acquaintances
sometimes, we are

Maybe it’s our religion.
Maybe it’s our gender or sexual preference or language or skin colour or …
Maybe it’s our choice of partner/spouse
… or their choice of us.
Maybe it’s our personality
or our clothing or our food choices
or our history or jealousy or envy
or fear or hatred or …
Maybe it’s who we support politically.
It could be any number of things.

The bottom line is — not everyone will like us.
When I learned that
… I also learned that it’s not my problem.
It’s theirs.
And in that discovery, came another learning.

As long as I did my best each day,
as long as I loved myself
… ’cause I can’t ‘love God or my neighbour’ until I accept/love myself
I could be myself

And in so doing,
life became more gentle
more fun
more enjoyable
and more loving.

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