This is how one little town celebrates people of different faiths.

On the second day of Hanukkah,
the second candle of the Menorah was lit in our Town Square.
When music began, a Jewish father and his sons who sat close by the stage,
found themselves dancing with people of the Jewish faith, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics and who-knows-what-else.

Smiles were everywhere.
Doughnuts were served (jelly doughnuts – yum!),
strangers chatted with strangers
and a sense of celebration was present.


The over-eight-foot menorah on the stage, the children dancing below, the Christmas trees (put up and sponsored by local merchants) surrounding City Square, our little town’s Christmas tree high on top of the City Hall (look carefully and you’ll see the Menorah, the merchants’ trees and the tree on top of City Hall) all combined together in a lovely glimpse of the possibility of peace among different religions and people of no religious persuasion.

“Something” pulled us all together tonight.
Was it the music?
Was it the Mystery of the Menorah?
Was it the joy on the faces of the children?
Was it the celebration of Hanukkah itself?
Was it the Christmas Spirit?
Was it G_d?

Whatever it was, it was a wonderful example of Namaste
“The spirit in me greets the spirit in you”
happening in our little town.
And it was wonderful.
Truly, wonder-filled.  🙂

Photos & Text  © June Maffin



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