She appeared out of nowhere.
I didn’t intend to create her.

I was just doodling on a scrap of cardstock
as I thought and prayed for friends going through a difficult time
and about the chaos, fear, confusion, grief, anger felt by so many.

And then, unexpectedly,
she appeared
reminding me that
our encounter with the Holy One
can be like that.

We may not see
or feel
or even believe in
the presence of the Creator
but something (SomeOne)
has given us the strength
to move through a difficult time.

This doodled angel
emerged for me


Breathe, dear ones
and know that you are not alone.

The Creator, God, the Holy One
is with you and will appear
… some how
… some way
whether you see it
whether you know it
whether you believe it
… or not.



© june maffin

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