Twelfth Night marks the ending of the Season of Christmas for many around the world who celebrate Christmas for religious, cultural, sentimental, family or “just because” reasons.

Each year on this night, I spend some quiet time reflecting and collecting moments-of-love from the previous twelve days (Twelve Days of Christmas).   If the aging process teaches anything, it’s that ‘things’ have little importance in the wider scheme of life.  But “moments of love” … ahhh, those have great significance and can bring blessings that transform, energize, comfort, heal.  So, I collect moments-of-love … those moments when loving words, listening and action intertwine.

For me, this year, the first such moment that comes to mind about this past Christmas is my dentist’s receptionist who listened with her heart when I said that ‘something was wrong’ and I needed to see a dentist asap.  But, their Christmas holiday would begin in a few hours and all dentists were solidly booked.  I quietly said that I would be happy to sit in the waiting room with my book and if someone came in late or a procedure finished early, hopefully someone could see me.  In fifteen minutes, I was in the dentist’s chair waiting to get results of the xray – the tip of a tooth (extracted over 40 years ago!) was embedded in my jaw, causing an infection and I needed emergency dental surgery to remove it.   The second moment-of-love came when a friend offered to drive me through the snow and over a mountain to get to the dental surgeon, wait and drive me home again.   And the third was on Christmas Day when I had developed a fever, had a swollen jaw and the bruising was spreading quickly.   The surgeon  immediately answered his phone and gently eased my mind, telling me what was causing the problems and what I needed to do.

The love in each of these three moments gave me a Christmas I will not forget. It was blessing upon blessing.

Another Christmas I won’t forget … my husband and I delighted in the snow which suddenly appeared on Christmas Day and then disappeared later that same day.   It was a moment of beauty, peace, love, shared laughter … and no shovelling of snow afterwards!

Long after tangible Christmas gifts have broken, been lost or forgotten, what moments-of-love expressed in words, listening, action, kindness do you remember?

What moments-of-love did you collect this Christmas?

What moments-of-love will you collect and remember in Christmases-to-come?

Something to think about on this Twelfth Night, eve of Epiphany?Happy Twelfth Night tonight!

© June Maffin copyCollectMomentsNotThings

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