There she was
Easter Sunday
… in the lovely camellia flower bush.

Mama Robin
… quietly, calmly

As much as I wanted to capture
this grace-filled moment
and move the leaves/flowers
for a different perspective
I didn’t want to disrupt her.

So carefully and quietly
took her photo
from where I was.

She was so still.
So intent on her calling
to give birth.

It was a precious

And on Easter Sunday too!

Sometimes Moments-In-Time
are passed by
… unaware of the blessing that could be ours
… unable to experience the awe and wonder
… unappreciative of life
because of fear, worry, anxiety.

Fearing what may happen
… in the tomorrows of life

Worrying about what
… the next hour of the day may bring

Anxious without knowing why
so there is limited ability to see
the joy of Moments-In-Time.

This Easter day
in the midst of palpable fear for their lives
millions around the world
are proclaiming “He is Risen!”

May their joy and hope-filled voices
touch souls
and open eyes, ears, hearts
to Moments-In-Time.



Photo & Text © June Maffin

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