When I transplanted the bleeding hearts last year
I didn’t think they would “take” in their new location.
Oh me of little faith!

But they survived the transplant and blossomed this year.
And each time I walk by them
I am encouraged to remember all who live in situations
where inner harmony and peace are missing
and where hearts truly are bleeding from the stress and rancour and fear.

Lately, I’ve particularly been thinking of neighbours to the South in the United States
where, on this Fourth of July people are celebrating
the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776
and many are praying for peace and harmony throughout their land.

I join them and wish, pray and hope the same.

May a gentle wave of calmness sweep over your land.
And may the Fourth (Force) be with you.

Happy (and safe) Fourth of July!



Text & Photo © June Maffin



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