it’s snowing
… has been most of the day
gently dropping light flakes from the sky
over flowers that seem to be in a petrified state
by last night’s frost.

power remains on
fireplace glows with soft light and gentle warmth
soup bubbles on the stove
quiet music plays in the background

blessed to be safe and warm, fed and relaxed

but many are not

they are outdoors at night
they are outdoors during the day
they are cold and hungry and fearful

clothing can be shared
food and shelter can be provided
what to do about the emotional and spiritual
dis-ease that continues to devastate
individual lives

perhaps hope can be offered
by these flowers from our garden

frozen on the vine this morning
this afternoon they were transformed
into an arrangement of unusual beauty
by love

… the key
to open the chamber of fear
to speak to wounded hearts
to address societal wrongs
to set-free creativity and joy
to bring about reconciliation, transformation
and welcome hope.

WM-frozen roses-2

Photo and Text  © June Maffin

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