The word ‘love’
is used a lot.
… even Facebook has an emoji to express love of a comment.

But what is love?
Poets have “waxed eloquent” about love for centuries.
… Elizabeth Barrett Browning spoke of loving to “the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”
… 14th century Persian mystic Hafez noted that “love lights up the whole sky!”
Christians have been commanded to love
… love God, love your neighbour – as you love yourself.

We say that we ‘love’
… the colour and variety of flowers
… the freedom and beauty of birds
… the smell of newborn babies
… the taste of chocolate
… the playfulness of kittens and puppies
… the sound of laughter
… the touch of a lover’s hand
… certain food
… certain subjects at school
… certain types of music
… certain seasons of the year
… certain people

Thich Nhat Hanh says that real love begins
“where nothing is expected in return.”
I like that.
A lot.

… I love it.  🙂

Text & Photo © June Maffin
poppies – more poppies – and more poppies

An aside: the photo of the orange poppy was taken
June 2017 in the back yard thanks to the gift given by
birds who dropped poppy seeds in one of the raised veggie beds.

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