There they were – perched on a rock, surrounded by twigs and grasses
– seashells … a variety of seashells.

What were they doing there?
There was no ocean nearby – no sandy shore – and yet, there they were.
Seashells and a little wooden star nestled on a path in the woods of Glenora Farm.

I almost didn’t see them.
It was raining and I was walking quickly to avoid the puddles and mud.
I almost didn’t see the little treasures.

What other treasures do I miss because I’m in a hurry?
What other treasured-moments do I miss
because my thoughts are focused elsewhere?

What other treasures and treasured-moments do we all miss
because our thoughts are elsewhere,
our eyes are elsewhere?

To whoever decided to place those little treasures in that place on that rainy morning
… thank you.
<text & photo © june maffin>

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