Why is it we feel such pain
when we hear of the terrifying events happening around the world?
Surely it’s because we are connected.
If one part of humanity hurts, all hurt.
Even Scripture notes that in 1 Corinthians 12: 26a.
We are connected.
One to the other.Like it.
Or not.


Whether our connection is
as family
… by blood, adoption, marriage
as friend, colleague or stranger
we are co-sojourners on this fragile planet called Earth.

We are connected.

Even though we may
… speak different languages
… have different coloured skin
… worship in different ways
… have differing political beliefs
… live out our lives as straight or LGBTQ
… are similar or different in other ways
we are connected.

To lose sight of that connection-reality
is to forego our common humanity.

How we
… treat those with whom we share this planet
… support those for whom paralyzing fear engulfs
… love those with whom we have opposing views
… we respect others who voice their concerns and protest
could be the determining factor of the future of our world.We are connected.Like it.
Or not.

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