In many parts of the world, it’s springtime – a Season when nature wonderfully presents symbols of life, birth, beginnings.  In spite of that, too many dear ones have died, are dying, been institutionalized, diagnosed with major illness and we too face our own mortality in new ways.

And yet, in the midst of death, there are wonderful reminders of life this month … birthdays of loved ones (son Tod; husband Hans; brother in law Marcel; great niece and nephew Brechje and Bram) … and today, word from granddaughter Vanessa of the birth of son Caleb – a healthy, happy contented little tyke.   🙂

May we never forget the cycle of the Seasons – never become so entrenched in ‘deaths’ that we forget the wonder of the ‘births.’

The Seasons are a gentle reminder of the continuity of life which bring wonder and awe, for even as death approaches, life begins again … in a new way.

Congratulations to Vanessa, Jonathan, big brother Cohen and Great-Opa (eight times over!) my dear husband, Hans.  Welcome to this world, Caleb!   We are delighted to welcome you to our family, and look forward to meeting you, your big brother, Mom and Dad in person, soon!   🙂

© june maffin   SOULartISTRY
{photo is of my son, Tod, when he was a baby – a happy baby, even when he was teething!   Just wish it weren’t such a blurry photo <g>}


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