A little child takes a large empty box and in her/his imagination, creates a plane, a boat, a train, a car …

In the Mary Poppins movie, David Tomlinson and Dick Van Dyke remind children of all ages that can “have (y)our own set of wings” when you/we “Go Fly A Kite.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA-g8YYPKVo)

KiteReading a book – listening to a book being read on an audio tape by a friend/loving family member – hearing a drama enacted on the radio etc., can send our thoughts soaring as we imagine settings, characters, wardrobe, plot in the book unfold in our minds.

“Imagination will take you anywhere” wrote Albert Einstein. Let’s imagine a world where kindness prevails, gentleness is expressed, peace is profound, goodness thrives, and love-in-word-and-action is commonplace.

Let’s go fly our kites!

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