Archie Bunker of TV’s “All in the Family” fame said to his wife on Christmas Eve:
“Stifle, Edith. Let’s have a little Silent Night around here for a change.
I’m the only one thinking of the real solemn meaning of Christmas.
Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and quiet contemplation.”

Edith replied “But Archie, I think you’re allowed to be jolly, too.”
“Sure, Edith. I never said you shouldn’t be jolly.  Just be jolly with your mouth shut.”

When I first saw that episode, I was not amused by Archie’s disrespectful response to Edith.
Recently,  I saw that episode again and other responses came to mind.

In light of political happenings south of the border affecting people around the world,
how can people “stifle”?

Where has the joy
… the zest for life
… the hope in a better tomorrow

As I pondered and prayed and reflected,
an image of children entered my thoughts
… their innocence
… their infectious eyes and smiles
… their ability to enter into the joy of life with their imagination intact
… their anticipation and sheer delight at the holidays and birthdays
… and their wide-eyed awe at the sight of a new puppy or kitten

Children are a wonderful reminder that ultimately
… good can conquer evil
… hope can overcome despair
… love can obliterate hatred
… joy can permeate sadness.

But, if we ‘stifle’ and don’t speak out
… against injustice
… against lies
… against alternative facts
… against what is happening
there will be no children left
to teach us how to live
with hope, goodness, love, joy.

Let’s let the children teach us.

childrenhavingfun copy
© june maffin

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