There are times when words make me sick
… words that people use to explain their lies
… words that people use to defend their indefensible position
… words that belittle, abuse, mock, harass, demean, bully, disrespect.

My soul resonates with author and theologian Matthew Fox who writes:
“Silence gives way for Spirit to arrive.”


I like that.
A lot.

It leads me to ponder a possibility – a hope – a prayer.


What if people unplugged from social media
just one hour less
than they were usually plugged in?

Just one hour.

And in that one hour
they experienced
Not words.

for just one hour less than usual
No Facebook.  No Instagram.  No tweeting on Twitter.

They would simply be present to
… the holy silence
… the sounds of Nature’s joy
… their creative gifts
… allowing Spirit to arrive.

May “just one hour less”
give way for Spirit to arrive
in our hearts and communities and world.




Calligraphy © Alice Young (
Text © June Maffin  (
Quote © Matthew Fox


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