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The Rev. Dr. June Maffin was raised in Montreal and presently lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Her third book: “Soulistry — Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture your Spirituality” is available in both paperback and e-book format through Amazon, Book Depository, and this web site.

Her Facebook page is at facebook.com/soulistry and is reflective of the Soulistry philosophy.

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Nourished by a deep conviction that everyone is spiritual and has received the gift of creativity in some way, June brings her enthusiastic and gentle approach to each “Soulistry” session be that in workshop or retreat format. Gently evolving as a Creative Spirituality Artist, she delights in nurturing others on their journey as Creative Spirituality Artists and CreativeSpirituality Writers in a variety of Soulistry retreats and workshops, and thoroughly enjoys her various roles as Writing Coach, Book Editor, and Book Reviewer.

Dr. Maffin has had a variety of careers: radio and television personality and writer; book author; provincial information officer; high school educator; wife; mother; group facilitator; book and magazine editor; spiritual director; retreat leader; ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Canada; school chaplain; Creative Spirituality Artist and Conference Speaker.

After receiving her Master of Divinity in 1985, she was ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada, received her Doctorate in Pastoral Care with an emphasis on Ethics in 1992, and authored “Disturbed by God: A Journey of Spiritual Discovery” originally published by Forward Press (US) and the Anglican Book Centre (Canada) and now available as an e-book on this site.

Dr. Maffin has extensive experience in education, communications, media relations, and business. She has served the Anglican Church of Canada in rural, suburban, and urban parishes; Provincial Prolocutor for three years; Executive Councils at diocesan, provincial and national levels of the Anglican Church of Canada. Travels to Sri Lanka, the UK, Uganda and the Philippines were part of her volunteer ministry as a consultant in the areas of women’s leadership, societal action in developing countries and Total Ministry.

Certified Group Facilitator, Conference Speaker (in the areas of spirituality, circular leadership, total ministry and women’s leadership), June’s focus in her writings, speaking engagements and artistic endeavours is that of encouraging people in their spirituality regardless of formalized religious involvement.

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