Political claustrophobia
is beginning to surge.

Fear is on the increase
as people sense no escape from the inevitable.

It’s time to breathe.

Time to welcome in possibilities
… possibilities that “this too shall pass”
no matter how bleak and impossible it may seem now.

Time to let Peter Pan remind us to “think lovely thoughts”
and Sound of Music’s Maria encourage us to think about our “favourite things”
… move our mind and soul into areas of gentleness, beauty, hope.

It’s time to breathe.
… find a pastoral photo to help focus eyes away from the tv and phone and tablet and computer
… listen to a piece of quiet music to encourage the rapid beating of the heart to slow down.
… soak in the tub.
… take a walk outdoors.
… spend a moment in prayer
… play with the children, grandkids, pets
… share a meal with a loved one
… meditate
… make time for self

It’s time to breathe
… gentle, slow, deep breaths;
close eyes
… remember
… imagine
a time of peace and joy and hope.

Political claustrophobia must not be given space in our soul to
… invade
… possess
… overwhelm

It’s time
… to breathe.


Text & Photo © june maffin

Photo taken in Friesland, the Netherlands

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