Being born
… takes courage.
Growing up
… takes courage.
Getting old
… takes courage.
Living in this world of terrorism
and constant threat of war, environmental destruction and nuclear explosion
… takes courage.
… takes courage.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who (we) really are”
wrote poet and playwright e.e.e cummings

In spite of our personal crippling situation
be that of incapacity, isolation, poverty, physical pain, rejection, addiction, grief, disability, loneliness,
in spite of
where we are on the aging scale
in spite of
what is happening in this world at this time
may we face each moment
with boldness to face our fear
strength in the face of pain or grief
and with that indefinable spirit that enables us to face-what-must-be-faced
with courage

© june maffin  SOULartISTRY
“Braving The Seas” watercolour artwork © Hans van der Werff



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