Why do we let the behaviour of others
… complicate our lives
… cause hurt
… even destroy our inner peace.

Why do we?
How does it happen?
What consequences come our way?

when we let the negative behaviour of others
… family
… neighbours
… work colleagues
… politicians
enter our thoughts, conversations, sleep
to the point that we become unable to
… talk or think about much else
… get a full night’s sleep
our inner peace is destroyed.

If we want inner peace
we must make decisions about
who we let into
… our thoughts
… our conversations
… our emails and blogs and FB posts
… our lives.

We must not let the behaviour of others
destroy our inner peace.

Text and Photo © June Maffin
<based on the words of the Dalai Lama>

Photo taken at Yellow Point Lodge
Vancouver Island, British Columbia


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